Aircontactgruppen AS
is a privately owned holding-company, with interests in the travel sector, aviation, offshore & maritime technology, biotechnology, digital security, property development, intellectual property rights and interior decoration & consulting. The group has annual sale of 4,5 bn NOK and has more than 450 employees.
The company is the regional non-employed sales representative for a number of well-known international companies, such as Sikorsky Aircraft, Derco Aerospace Inc, and Submersible Systems Inc.
The company’s flagship, Berg-Hansen Reisebureau - the largest Norwegian business travel agency - is internationally affiliated with the prestigious Carlson Wagonlit Travel.
Aircontactgruppen’s air-brokering unit, Aircontact, is also the regional sales- and marketing-representative for a number of leading international airlines. 
Aircontactgruppen’s modern offices are conveniently located in central Oslo, while the majority of the Group’s fully- or partly-owned companies have their own offices.

SAS launches new corporate booking system, tailored for PC and mobile devices - proudly powered by Berg-Hansen (2015-09-10)

Read the full story in the SAS in-flight magazine "Scandinavian Traveler" here.


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The travel industry about online agencies: we let ourselves be lead astray by the cheap prices! (2015-07-31)

Purchase behavior has changed tremendously in recent years.  Earlier we went in the furniture store to buy a couch and to a car dealer to buy a car. Today, most of us begin our purchases on the net. Search providers as and Google have been the entrance to the purchase of everything from cars to electronics and skin care products. Travel is also no exception, says Managing Director, Per Arne Villadsen.

See the full article from Per Arne Villadsen here.

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S-92 arrival maintenance_54x38

S-92® Maintenance Trainer (2015-07-27)

After long lasting, but constructive discussions between Sikorsky, ACS and Statoil, the Maintenance Trainer (s/n 92005) arrived in Stavanger in the morning of July 27. This is a significant milestone in the effort to build an “S-92 Centre of excellence”. The milestone could only be reached thanks to tremendous effort and support by the whole team from Sikorsky that has been involved.

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GDF Suez EP Norway returns to Berg-Hansen (2015-06-30)

April 15th 2015 GDF Suez EP Norway switched to VIA Egencia. No more than two months later, they are back with Berg-Hansen.

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Sikorsky Unveils S-97 RAIDER™ Helicopter (2014-10-02)

Sikorsky Aircraft today unveiled the first of two S-97 RAIDER™ helicopter prototypes, signaling the start of activities in the program’s test flight phase and a major step toward demonstrating the new – and first – armed reconnaissance rotorcraft featuring X2™ Technology designed for military missions.

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